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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 5, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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area. winds are 15 to 40 miles per hour. there could be more power outages and down had trees and very hazardous travel. we have a second storm set to impact in about 15 minutes. >> okay see you soon. thanks, jeff. we want to bring you a live picture. skies of san ra fael you can see where the storm will hit first. jodi hernandez is up north, an area hit hard by the powerful december storm. jody, you spoke to people who are gearing up preparing for the big storm. >> that's right, as you mentioned, sonoma county one of the hardest hit in december. tonight, folks here are feeling pretty nervous as they wait for another whopper of a rainstorm to arrive. >> we've just sandbagged our doors. >> con newton isn't wasting any time gearing up for this weekend, big storm. >> this is how high the water came in last time. >> newton's antique store got
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hammered last december. when the city received nearly a foot of rain in a matter of hours. the december downpour left downtown hillsburg looking more like a lake. >> it was just -- it was like nothing we've ever seen. it just happen so quickly. there were people kayaking in the streets. that's how much water was trapped downtown. >> geneinagina's downtown boutique was one that got soaked. we were there as she cleaned up the mess. she didn't want a repeat. >> we went through it. we will prepare. we know what could happen. >> folks in hillsburg say they've learned a thing or two but they're still anxious. >> weather you know. >> i hope it's not as bad as they are anticipating. we need the rain and we hope it is spread out over a long period of time instead of in one run. >> so far the rain has not started falling but folks here say when it does they will be ready. >> reporting live in sonoma
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county i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thaunk pup let's bring in michelle roberts now. you were there in redwood city under that flood zone during the our last storm. what do you have tonight? >> yeah. this area hit very hard. if you can remember, water was completely covering this entire area. fire department today take both door to door making sure that everyone could get out safely. now many are worried round two is coming. >> i just got trust in god. >> janelle smith peterson says she has plenty of'food and water. they were stocked the last time it rained. janelle said flooding isn't uncommon but described december as terrifying. her stair case still needs to be replaced. the mobile home parks inned with redwood city back up to a creek. many waded through knee-deep water to save belongs.
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>> water got alove the winter. >> the december storm destroyed her car. >> stillwater. >> and rv. now she depends on friends for rides to the grocery store and doctor's office. >> it is devastating and i'm worried about every time it rains, is it going to flood. >> redwood city drops off sandbags to line the creek. and property owners have invested in more pumps. >> can you pump it. but it won't solve the problem long-term. >> many people say they will be bagging up all their valuables and clothes and picking up those free sandbags that the cite is offering. reporting live tonight in redwood city, michelle roberts nbc by area news. >> to san francisco now, a fleet of vacuum trucks are cleaning out the storm drain. there was stuck mud and leaves in the clogged drain. even if they are clear, a big
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down fall can cause problems on streets with a lot of trees. if you see water backing up on city streets, city of san francisco wants you to kul 311 to report it. now great resource during the storm. our nbc bay area app. you can see the latest forecast for your specific neighborhood and realtime radar. very helpful. the app is free for android and iphone users. >> just into our newsroom new details of how this man was arrested days after allegedly sexually assaulting a girl at a 99 cent store in high ward. the victim just 8 years old. her mother was shopping nearby in another aisle. investigators initially released surveillance pictures hoping to get the word out. then and oakland police officer checked the ankle bracelet data base of sex offenders and that's when officers had break in the case. >> the tracking system and he had an ankle bracelet put him in about the 99 cent store at the exact time that the crime occurred. >> the suspect is carlisle
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officers say the same man who also sexually assaulted a girl at a wal-mart store in san hee leandro in 2010. >> man grabbed a woman, pulled her into some bushes and assaulted her. christie smith joins us from the university tonight with the latest on this investigation. christie? >> good evening. san francisco state quickly fired off an e-mail alert to let the campus community know what was going on with its report after sexual assault. a woman on a pathway said a man she didn't know grabbed her and pressed some sort of sharp object near her side and groped her. it happened after midnight between the health row and student health center. she said he pulled her behind a crash can, she cried and he eventually ran away. he began to follow her outside
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the chavez student center. campus police are on high alert. taking it very seriously aefrn trying to find the attacker. one student said she saw the alert and realized she had been in that area. >> there's usually light. so it is never like really scary. and then this morning i was like, oh, my god, if i would have walked an hour later then i probably would have witnessed it. or i probably would have been the target. that's scary. >> only a vague description of the man. unknown race late 20s, 5'7" probably wearing gray hoody and blue jeans. a spokesperson says sexual violence does occur sometimes within the student population. reminding people in the alert about risk reduction options for people here. use the free escort to program on campus. and then they are asking anyone who may have seen anything, known anything about this attack to please give the university police a call. reporting live in san francisco,
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christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. it happens everyday here in california. hazardous material spill or leak. most are minor but some are very serious, even deadly. investigative reporter vicky nguyen continues our series. >> we asked for data on how many spills or leaks last year here in the bay area and statewide. we found on average there are 19 hazardous material spills everyday in car. everything from gas tank explosions to toxic chemicals seeping into the soil water and air. alameda county tops the list of bay area county for the most hazard nous 2014. 299. the most common hazardous material was petroleum followed by sewage. >> those are the ones we know
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about. i'm sure there are people who don't understand that there is a threshold of reporting. even some are under the radar screen. >> what do you think is the most standard with hazmat. >> we will talk later the hazmat in the silicon valley. >> if you have a tip for vicky nguyen or anyone else in our investigative unit give us a call. or send us an e-mail. >> 80 million people could be victims of the latest cyber hacks. coming up, where it happens and how you can protect yourself. >> plus u.s. attorney general visits the bay area. his message for oakland in the wake of those sometimes violent protests there. also -- >> i know when i wake up in the
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morning, this is exactly what god wants me to be doing. >> how this woman is transforming the lives of sick children by transforming their bedroom. >> then at 6:00 oil spilling waste pumped back into california ground water. >> it is high quality water for drinking or irrigation. >> the investigative unit skproes skproes exposed the process. feds take notice. next at 6:00.
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could it be the end of the line for an iconic store in yes. radio shack filed for bankruptcy this afternoon. in the chapt chapter 11 filing radio shack says it will sell up to 2400 of its stores. in its nearly 100 years of business the chain has seen all kinds of technology come and go. but in recent years it is losing money due to competition from
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on-line shopping and big box stores. this has been more common a huge data breech. this time around from a well known health care company. a business tech reporter joins us to show us who is at risk and what happened scott. >> anthem health care perhaps best known as parent company of blue cross blue shield is the latest victim of a breach. tonight the company says 80 million people are in danger of having personal information stolen from the anthem data base. not health care data but social security and other private information that can be very valuable in the hands of thieves. >> so the concern is identity theft. the concern is potential fraud. even things like trying to get your tax refunds. generally only require the kind of information that is disclosed in the hack.
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>> as of this evening, anthem started to e-mail potential victims. security companies say may want a credit check in the coming week and pay close attention to your credit card statement. anthem will provide free credit monitoring and id protection services to those victims. >> all good information. brian williams will continue this story. shifting gears here. how this hack differs from recent attackes. especially from home depot and target. >> u.s. attorney general eric holder said it again today and said it in oakland. police officers should wear body cameras. holder has been on the road talking about building trust between law enforcement aeb the public. many shootings turn violent in oakland and holder told city leaders they should use the national debate as an opportunity to come together. >> if we don't engage with one another we will squander this opportunity. i think that would be a real tragedy bp.
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>> holder says tools like body cameras reduce complaints. today's meeting is the final stop on his tour. holder will be stepping down from his post a few weeks from now. >> if you think about it a kid's bedroom is is their special place. especially those with physical issues. their rooms are their little slice of the world. >> it is the job of one east bay woman, to make kids' rooms the place they want to be. >> shelly hamm says she wakes up every morning knowing what she was meant to do. she joins forces in the most perfect of ways with the most beautiful results. >> there's a square one and las round one. i want to see which one by will use in here. >> when it comes to matters of interior design shelly is quick to make decisions. >> that's the blue one. i want the black ones with it. >> it was, after all, her
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profession for many years. the best color for a pillow or the proper height for a painting. >> awesome. >> it is an easy call for her. turns out, though when it comes to life changing decisions, shelly has been known pretty quick there as well. take the promise she made about 16 years ago when her daughter morgan, was seriously ill. >> and i knew that if god allowed know have pli child, for my child to live, i would spend the rest of my life helping children with life threatening medical conditions. >> which explains why shelly and team of volunteers have piled into this mountain house home tools ready. you see, years ago, when shelly volunteered for the make-a-wish foundation foundation, one child wished for a room makeover. shelly took on the job and saw her future. >> i knew then that that was my mission. that was my calling. >> that's all she does now. running rooms of hope a
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nonprofit, that gives dream room makeovers to children facing life threatening illnesses. in this case it is both a brother and a sister who, after hundreds of volunteer hours and thousands of dollars in donated goods, have beautiful new spaces to call their own. for a sick child, often hours at home, it is a special gesture. to that kid's parents -- >> this is way beyond what i could ever have dreamed for her. i'm sorry. >> hannah and andrew. >> shelly says she wakes up everyday and without a hint of indecision knows she is doing what she was meant to do. >> it is true lay privilege and an honor to be able to work with these children and to be able to work with the families and to be able to give them some peace and some hope during the time when there might not be a whole lot
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of hope. >> shelly's daughter morgan is now 17 years old and sometimes volunteers with her mom on the room makeovers. rooms of hope has been around three years. they have done room makeovers already for 40 sick children. and because having a sick child is also stressful on the siblings, they do many makeovers of the siblings rooms. you put it together over a hundred rooms in 3 and half years. you heard shelly no stopping now. >> and their bedroom is their sanctuary. kids feel special there, especially when it is beautifully decorated. >> and kids with compromised senses can't leave home. >> and next time, kleenex for our eyes. >> the box is gone. >> jeff ranieri takes over with our forecast. it is going to rain jeff. >> it is. dry conditiones to the stark
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contrast of heavy rain fall, lasting quite a while for parts of the bay area. now up to 43 days without any rain fall. we should also let you know there's no major changes to the forecast models to date. so everything that you heard here yesterday is still looks to be on track as we head throughout our friday storm. most immediately i do want to focus in in on marin and napa counties. that's where the flash flood watch is in effect right now. if you live near any creeks rivers or streams, that's where you watch. closest on friday is that flooding threat sin creased. let's take you in to the forecast as we head into friday. if there is no major changes on the micro climates, to san francisco, temperatures in upper 50s to low 60s. periods of heavy rain at times. now north bay, east bay and tri valley, no large differences here. so need a jacket tomorrow and of course the umbrella. hour by hour time lines, you can
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specifically plan your forecast as you head throughout the day. throughout tonight, few showers nothing too heavy. then the north bay could get in on a few initial pockets of heavy rain fall in isn't a rose why and napa. we don't expect any flooding to begin by then. but here is where the problem comes in by 5:00 in the morning, still heaviest rain fall is likely across marin, napa and sonoma county. it is like the storm system will just stall out throughout the north bay and again that is why you your flooding threat is the highest there. after 7:30 in the morning, that's when the storm line shifts south. heavy rain fall for san francisco, back here across contracost and alameda. then through the southern peninsula and through the extreme south bay. then as we continue throughout 11:30 tomorrow, the rain fall at least a chance of it is continuing. i don't think it is as heavy at 11:30 at night but any kind of
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rain fall lasting continually on here will keep that flooding threat up there. then through saturday morning a break here. possibly few hours but there is a break in the storm day. through sunday, we have that second storm system lining up right now, looks like late in the morning into early afternoon, another round of widespread rain fall across the bay area how do the totals look? we have not changed these numbers from yesterday. still on track. 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches in the south bay. but where the storm will stall out, 2 1/2 to 5 inches across the north bay and a lot of that comes on that friday storm system. maybe 5 plus inches in higher elevations. on top of the water, other concern is wind. friday morn 20 to maybe 40 mile per hour wind gusts sustained at 15 to 20. that continues through friday evening. by saturday morning that we see that wind calm down. saturated ground wind kicking up. that's why we may have power outages and downed trees.
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you see the big storm day again friday. big break on saturday. more rain fall returns as we head throughout sunday's forecast. i know we said it before wrb but head to it is as good as the radar here on air. pretty sweet. >> good to know. >> yeah. >> thanks, jeff. >> sure. >> ahead, baseball gloves to handcuffs. this man ran a bay area little league but tonight is under arrest. >> gas prices are down but why isn't airfare? accusations being levelled against 12 major u.s. airlines.
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a follow-up now font arrest of a san francisco public defenders. there will be no charges against gilli gilli. son. she said she was advising her clients of his rights not to answer questions of police. she filed a citizen's complaint today against the officers who arrested her. the head after bay area little league is now an accused thief. officers arrested jeremy cardera
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for embezzling more than $20,000. they say the pleasanton american little league confronted him in december when the money disappeared. he resigned and tried to repay league but his personal collection bounced. he used the money to go on vacation with his family. >> gas prices are way down so why not airfares. consumer groups are accusing airlines of price gouging. they sent letters to 12 major u.s. airlines. claiming airfares should be lowered so reflect lower gas prices. she say they are using the savings to pay debt. four big airlines control 80% of the flying market. san francisco based twitter announcing today it nearly doubled its four quarter
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. tonight at 6:00 plan to patch up california's roads but who pays the bill? maybe you. how much taxpayers would be on the hook. for that that's our story at 6:00. >> it is hard it imagine someone's pet ending up in the zoo. but three amazon tree boas managed to dodge being domesticated because of some
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sharp-eyed custom officials. they confiscated the snakes from miami last year as they were being smuggled into the u.s. from south america. fish and wildlife asked the oakland zoo to take care of them since they were infected with parasites. they are now among the zoo's permanent res accidents. they look happy there. >> which cameraman did we send there to get that. >> looks scary. >> some great slots. >> friendly boas. >> i would be going the other way. >> a lot of changes coming up. >> bewe do have heavy rain fall already starting in northern california. we expect showers to start tonight in the north bay. that's over the next 36 hours. flood risk will be the highest in marin, napa and sonoma. you could see 3 inches in lower elevations. higher elevations may be 5 plus inches. lesser amounts south but overall gusty winds 15 to 40 miles per hour. there could be power outages and
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downed trees. more tonight at 6:00. >> drive safely beginning tomorrow or tonight. thanks for joining us at 5:00. >> see you back here at 6:00. good night, folks. on our broadcast tonight, babies diagnosed with measles. this time near chicago. five of them all at the same day care facility. and this raises the issue of infants too young to be vaccinated. 80 million at risk as hackers infiltrate one of the largest insurance companies in america making off with all the necessary tools for identity theft. tonight, who's been hit and the one thing to do right now. gathering storms. from coast to coast, another major snow event for a lot of the city still buried in the east and out west warnings of an atmospheric river threatening major mud slides. and play it again. the disappearing act that's happening in too many american homes, and the new push to bring back the music. "nightly news" begins now.


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